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Restaurant & Aperitivo in Geneva


A cappuccino
A glass of Chianti Classico
A Spritz
That's how, at any moment of the day, you can indulge in the Tuscan life and be captivated by the melodic accents that invite you to experience Puccini and his art of living.

Whether on the terrace or under the Tuscan "al fresco" sky, we invite you on a journey from aperitivo to dessert:
Per Per comiciare: pane carasau, burratine, tomato and basil bruschetta, crostini, arancine, charcuterie...
E dopo, risotto cascina venaria, eggplant parmigiana, picci with duck ragout...
In fine, tiramisu, our own twist on cannolo siciliano...
As you can tell, we don't compromise here; we cherish exceptional products and wholeheartedly reciprocate their excellence.
Salute é buon appetito !

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We won't bore you with a count of the wines on our menu. With a collection of hidden treasures from secret estates and renowned vineyards, Puccini's wine bar is a true enotecaexperience.
It showcases the diverse wine heritage of Italy, from Tuscany to Sicily and Sardinia—a delightful sip of sunshine that our sommelier is eager to present to you.
And if you're not solely a Sangiovese enthusiast and lean towards a Campari or Negroni, our cocktail menu will also transport you into the world of Dolce Vita.

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The gnudi ricotta spinaci e pomodoro, crafted by Chef Ivan Baretti and his Italian team, acclaimed as the “best primo piatto del mondo 2020.” Mamma mia !
As the younger sibling of Tosca, our restaurant aims to immerse you in the Italian way of life. Step into a world where your senses come alive.

See: Dine under a Tuscan sky, surrounded by nods to Florence and the Chianti hills.
Listen: Let the Italian accent whisk you away to the charming cobblestone streets of Siena.
Touch: Feel the craftsmanship in the hand-painted plates from the Bianco e Nero di Staccioli workshop in Siena.
Breathe: Inhale the enticing aromas of Mediterranean cuisine.
And, finally, taste: Indulge in exceptional ingredients where Italy reigns supreme on your plate.


The puccini universe

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« Here, we express our culture and unleash our creativity. We prepare authentic Italian recipes shared by Italians. The entire team works together towards a common goal: to bring the essence of Italy to life in the heart of Geneva.
My favourite part? At 6 p.m., when people take their seats on the terrace and the excitement starts to build  »

Carolina – Mixologue

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Tosca our gourmet restaurant

Wine bar, aperitivo
and tutti quanti in Geneva

Wine bar
in Geneva

If you're looking for an Italian wine bar in the heart of Geneva where you can taste sun-kissed wines and discover the richness of Italian winemaking, Puccini is the place for you.
As masters of the craft, our wine bar takes you on a captivating journey to the heart of Tuscany. We offer an exceptional selection of Italian wines sourced from the country's most prestigious wine regions (such as the Chianti Valley, Sicily, Sardinia, and more). Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply curious to explore new flavors, our passionate team will guide you through our menu, showcasing diverse grape varieties like Barolo, Chianti, and Prosecco. In a Dolce Vita ambiance adorned with a myriad of artworks, our Italian wine bar invites you on a journey.

If you'd like to make a reservation or attend one of our tasting events, the Puccini team is ready to welcome you.

Aperitivo bar
in the heart of Geneva

Looking to discover an aperitivo bar in Geneva and immerse yourself in a fantastic Italian evening? Whether you're with your partner, friends, or family, come and enjoy a friendly moment while savoring the uniqueness of Italian gastronomy. At Puccini, we have prepared an exquisite selection of antipasti that you won't find anywhere else: delicate charcuteries, burrata, flavorful bruschettas, delectable olives, the chef's caponata, arancine, fried calamari... all made with fresh, top-quality, GRTA-certified ingredients sourced directly from Italy or Switzerland. Every bite will instantly transport you to Italy. To accompany your aperitivo, indulge in one of our creative cocktails, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and don't miss out on the classic Spritz or Campari.

Viva Italia... in Geneva!

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