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Menu Vendemmia

A celebration of the harvest season in Italy where vineyards overflow with clusters of ripe grapes ready to be turned into wine.
A moment of festivity and gratitude for the years's harvest reflected in the rich and flavorful cuisine of the Vendemmia manu.
A true feast for the senses, celebrating Italy's finest culinary and wine-making traditions.
-65.00 Frs



Antipasto all'italiana

Pane carasau - Burratine - Grilled artichokes in olive oil - Selection of our charcuterie - Tomato and basil bruschetta - Seasonal savory
16.00 Frs


Fresh salad from the market

9.00 Frs

Geneva tomato salad, basilic and burrata

26.00 Frs

Mediterranean zucchini flowers

28.00 Frs

Grilled local beef carpaccio

Datterino tomatoes, rocket and parmesan
32.00 Frs

Red tuna tartare

sesame and eggplant
34.00 Frs

Primi piatti

Rigatoni cacio e pepe

28.00 Frs

Risotto with bergamino cheese

Marjolaine and rabbit alla ligure
33.00 Frs

Piedmont style ravioli del plin

Sage - Parmesan
32.00 Frs

Fusilloni Verrigni

Burnt tomatoes, eggplant, mint & salted ricotta
32.00 Frs

Homemade spaghetti alla chiatarra with seafood

38.00 Frs

Today's special

served only at lunch
25.00 Frs

Secondi piatti

Eggplant Parmigiana

30.00 Frs

Chef's suggestion

36.00 Frs

Local sirloin

pepper sauce, sauted sweet and sour spinach and new potatoes
52.00 Frs

Red mullet fillet

zucchini, olives and fresh herbs
43.00 Frs


Traditional tiramisu

13.00 Frs

Local strawberries

Vanilla bavarian and ricotta
15.00 Frs

Scalata of Bronte pistachio, vanilla and apricot

crème vanille et abricot
16.00 Frs

Solo ice cream/sorbet

6.00 Frs

Trio ice cream/sorbets

15.00 Frs

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