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In tune with the seasons and culinary inspiration, Chef Ivan Baretti and his team invite you to savour Italy from glass to plate Our menu, crafted with an Italian touch, celebrates the essence of simplicity and showcases the finest quality ingredients sourced from partners who share our values.
At Puccini, we embrace the spirit of tutto fatto a casa (all homemade), honoring the genuine taste and embracing a spirit of generosity.

À Step inside and embark on a journey to Tuscany.
If you haven't yet experienced this region of Italy, Puccini encapsulates its essence. Led by its Italian owner, a philanthropist and art/history enthusiast, the restaurant beautifully captures and showcases everything that makes Italy so beautiful.
Andiamo !





Rigatoni cacio e pepe, Ravioli del Plin in the Piemontese style, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, beef ragu fettuccine... These dishes demand recognition! Our homemade fresh and dry pasta, a Puccini secret, will redefine your pasta experience. Our Bib Gourmand award is a testament to its excellence.

Voted best primo piatto in the world in 2020


On our menu, you will find a selection of classic dishes, true culinary icons that will both surprise and comfort you. Our cuisine is authentic, rustic, and at the same time, boldly innovative.
(Re)discover vitello tonnato, risotto cascina venaria, grilled calamari, eggplant parmigiana... not to mention the irresistible tiramisu or our Sicilian cannoli. It's a culinary journey through Italy, guided by our chef who loves translating the essence of Italian cuisine onto every plate, every day.

From Tuesday to Saturday, the Puccini team warmly welcomes you, seats you, and presents our menu. Allow yourself to be carried away by the rhythm of the Dolce Vita.
Andiamo !



When the renowned Marco Borgianni honored us with his presence at the restaurant to add his touch, it was a great pride and a transformative experience. As a painter, sculptor, and intimate friend of Puccini's owner, the Maestro captured the enchanting essence of the Tuscany he so cherishes. Thus, under a true Tuscan sky painted al fresco, like Michelangelo, you can observe the sun rising at one end of the room and setting at the other, as if you were strolling through the fields, in the hills of Chianti.

A journey that you will continue through the eyes of other artists such as Erwin Dazelle, who came to celebrate Siena... Sienne…

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Bistronomy and Italian conviviality

Puccini, the younger sibling of the renowned Tosca, prepares a bistronomic menu that immerses you in a refined culinary experience, combining Italian flavors with a creative approach. Located in an elegant and contemporary setting that pays homage to Italian art and Tuscany, our Italian restaurant in the heart of Geneva offers a perfect fusion of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern and bold touch.

Our team of talented chefs showcases high-quality ingredients and locally sourced products carefully selected from passionate Italian producers to create dishes that will awaken your taste buds. With meticulous attention to detail, every plate at Puccini is a taste of Italy, skillfully combining flavours and textures for a truly remarkable culinary experience.

Our menu offers a variety of reimagined Italian dishes, ranging from classics like homemade fresh pasta and creamy risottos to bold and contemporary creations that showcase seasonal ingredients and surprising flavour combinations. We also take great care in curating our wine selection, chosen by our sommelier, to perfectly complement our dishes and provide a complete dining experience.

Our Italian bistronomic restaurant in Geneva immerses you in the vibrant Italian atmosphere, offering a warm and generous atmosphere. Whether you're seeking an exceptional culinary experience for a special occasion or simply treating yourself, our Italian bistronomic restaurant in Geneva is the ideal choice. Reserve your table and let us take you on a unique and unforgettable Italian culinary adventure.

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